Consolidated competitors; decreasing budgets; increasing scrutiny; reduction in sole source awards; all these things and more combine to make the current US Federal Government contracting environment the most competitive ever.  Companies that partner with ARDAK are afforded a competitive advantage.  ARDAK’s competitive intelligence provides US Federal Government contractor’s with the actionable information necessary to significantly increase their probability of winning (PWIN). 


For over 25 years ARDAK has provided superior expertise in providing competitive intelligence with unmatched consistency and accuracy.


Our areas of expertise include Wrap Rates, High Level Decompositions, Low Level Decompositions, Should Cost Analysis, Price to Win (PTW), Rate to Win (RTW), Labor Category Analysis and US Government Agency Budget Analysis.


We also provide Market Analysis and Mergers & Acquisitions Support.  We perform over 850 Wrap Rate Derivations, 100 Competitor Analyses and 15 Market Analysis efforts annually. We frequently lead and/or are members of Strategic Planning teams, Black Hat, Blue and Red teams.